5 Popular Countertop Materials

With so many choices to be able to choose from, selecting a countertop for your home is certainly no easy task! No matter the room, it’s important to choose something that looks good to you, has a price tag that agrees with you, & something that will hold up based on the activity of your household! Below we have gathered 5 options that will hopefully help you find the material that suits you!

1). Marble Countertops


All marble countertops have that timeless, classic look that will always win hearts, especially the ones of white kitchen lovers. Marble specifically offers more of a variety than any other material. Instead of being known for its durability, marble is known for its coating that develops with age. Softer than granite, marble will easily scratch and stain, so make sure you keep up on sealing! Marble ranges from $30 to $120 per square foot for fabrication alone.


2).Engineered Quartz Surface


Engineered quartz comes in just about every color possible! This product combines resin, ground quartz and pigments for a tough, nonporous material. That’s right, no sealing necessary. This low maintenance product is perfect for the customized home. Or perhaps, you want your kitchen countertops one color and a statement tile for a stellar backsplash. Be prepared to spend some money though, engineered quartz countertops range from $40 to $100 per square foot just for the material.

3). Granite Countertops


One of the most popular options out there, granite countertops are a great place to start when thinking of countertops. There are so many beautiful grains, colors, and plenty of character to choose from! Not only this, but granite also offers customizable finishes from honed to leathered. When properly installed and sealed, granite is one of the most durable options out there in the natural stone world. Let your countertop speak for you and pick something to your heart desire!

4). Limestone Countertops


Limestone countertops are becoming a popular material for natural stone lovers. The white or sandy color of limestone makes it a popular choice when matching countertops with appliances. Homeowners admire Limestone countertops simply because of the natural development of the stone and how it is made overtime. Limestone, has at times, been speculated as not being as durable as other natural stone. Compared to other stones, Limestone is known for the tendency to scratch easily.

5). Soapstone Countertops


This natural stone has been around for ages and is known for its very soft & milky look that comes from the chlorite, magnesite, dolomite & talc that resides within it. This choice of countertop can be used in country kitchens, and even included in styles from traditional to modern to eclectic making it versatile. While not as hard as granite, this material is more pliable – meaning it is less brittle. It does not require sealing, but a nice oil is necessary! If you prefer a countertop that will gain character with time, this is the surface for you!