5 Upcoming Tile Trends of 2018

The design world will never get tired of classic subway tile or white & black hexagons; however, it seems that lately, they’re not the most original options out there to choose from. We are seeing the tile world step it up a notch regarding the tile that is being produced these days. New colors, new shapes and sizes are gracing us with their presence! Let’s face it, classic subway tile & those little hexagons will never leave the design spectrum. BUT, we have been keeping our eyes out regarding tile trends of 2018 – through Pinterest, trade shows & new home building in the community. The best part – these are not trends that are wacky…these are trends here to stay.

1). Colored Penny Rounds


Penny rounds have always been a classic go to, however, two colors have dominated this tile product for years. Can you guess what those colors are? Black & white! These classic and timeless penny rounds have gone through the ringer but are now back with attitude and action. How exciting that now more colors are offered & different styles & moods. Need another reason to love penny rounds? They make small spaces softer and give a fun feel instead of a sterile, stark white option.


2). Large Hexagon Tile


Another tile shape that has been dominated by two colors throughout the years, just like our penny round friends, are large hexagon tile. This tile shape is now coming in all sorts of colors and textures. From ceramic to concrete, these tiles will not disappoint in terms of making the home pop with color. With a large array of colors to choose from, you can virtually match them to anything in your home décor.


3). Brick Look-A-Like Tile


Subway tile isn’t entirely off the radar for 2018 and to step up the game, this specific product now has different colored ceramic glazed options to choose from. From beige to blue, these clay tiles give subway tiles some leeway and overall an edgier feel to create that brick, fresh and modern look that you’re striving for! This tile even is textured, adding to the brick feel.


4). Tainted Glass Tile


A nice middle ground from your classic subway tile, colored tainted glass tile will be a hit in 2018. Many people are bored of seeing the white & grey combo everywhere that beige & brown are making a comeback. We are especially seeing this trend for shower walls and kitchen back-splashes. Fun, easy to clean, and simple, these glass tiles will be timeless through the years as well.


5). Large Format Tile


Large format tile is extremely trendy and is probably not going away anytime soon. The look of less grout joints and a “full wall” accent is favorable among many. This tile is specifically great to use in high-traffic areas of the home, for example the kitchen or bathroom. Being a dramatic statement, this tile creates a clean look and makes any space feel bigger. These large format tiles usually come in a square or rectangular shape, in either porcelain or ceramic.