All You Need to Know About Porch Lighting

Outside lighting for your home is important for several reasons. It is, after all, the threshold of your home! A well-lit and functional front entry welcomes guests, enables a bright safe passage into your home, and lets you identify your visitors! Don’t forget that first impression of your home – you want it to be beautiful, don’t you? I bet you’re thinking what the main considerations are for choosing an outdoor entry light. Here are a few:

1). Take note of your home’s architectural style – what style of porch do you have?

Find the perfect outdoor lighting for your home.

This step is important – you want your outdoor fixture to complement your home. If you have large windows near your entrance, this will affect how much light you’ll need for your entryway. A roof or covered porch over the entrance with also influence your entry lighting plan! Do you have a smaller stoop? An outdoor wall light may be all you need to brighten up the space around your door. A larger patio? We recommend small patio lights instead, and many of them!

2). What type of outdoor entry light do you want? Should your outdoor lighting fixtures match?

The most common type of fixture you’ll find is an outdoor wall light – but there are also hanging pendants, flush and semi-flush ceiling lights. Even recessed lighting. If you’re wondering about if your outdoor lighting should match all around – that is up to your personal taste. However, having consistent style helps create a unified feeling across your urban design. Look for manufacturers who offer complete outdoor collections that provide a well-rounded look. Also, it is helpful to make one piece the focal point and have the others blend in with the surroundings.

3). How can I protect my light against the elements?

It is important to select fixtures that are “wet-location listed” and specifically designed for outdoor use when selecting outdoor lights. Damp-location fixtures can be used under an overhang or roof – this keeps them from contact of rain and snow.

4). What is a diffuser and how important is it?

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes with typically a translucent or frosted panel, placed in the path of a light source to reduce shadows. This also softens the light. Sometimes this means using a shade, plate or heavy diffuser for your outside lamping options. You do not want a fixture that will have you looking directly into the light source. When choosing fixtures with translucent white or frosted diffusers, it will help the entire fixture be seen.

5). What is Dark Sky Lighting?

Dark Sky Compliant Lighting aims to reduce the harmful effects of light pollution. This means, the light must be no brighter than necessary, blue light emissions are minimized, and the light is fully shielded. Considering the lumen output of your front porch light is important as well. Get familiar with the Kelvin color temperature, lumens in comparison to watts and CRI – learn all the correct terms to ensure that you find the perfect light for you!

Good luck!