2018 Lighting Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

Another year has come and gone. Another year of building homes, remodeling, and redesigning. With that, comes lighting trends that will arrive and depart. Like, mirror lighting and rope lights. Or, fluorescent lights and table lamps. Overall, new trends appear every year and are important to be aware of, especially if you are remodeling or redecorating. Look below at five lighting trends to keep your eyes on in 2018 – try one of these light fixture upgrades and see what a change it can make to your room.

1). Gold Finishes


A satin brass or a soft gold finish is trending with homeowners and designers, who have fallen in love with soft colors, such as grey and beige. Soft gold is ultimately a mix between brushed silver and brushed gold. Why this appeals to many, is that soft gold falls right within this spectrum of these desired soft colors – which works extremely well when working with contemporary decors.

2). Functional Inexpensive LED Lighting


Ever wonder to yourself why there has been such a big push to change over to more efficient and environmentally friendly forms of lighting, especially over the last few years? That is because the truth of the matter is incandescent bulbs are very wasteful – most of the power is misused in the form of heat. More homeowners are changing over to a LED option because of it’s money and power saving properties. LED lighting also lasts much longer than incandescent bulbs. However, the major downside is that LED lighting is costly. Yes, you can save money in the long run, but the purchase cost is quite high compared to other lighting options. Good news, the cost of LED fixtures should become lower this year as technology gets better.

3). Mid – Century Modern and Art Deco Fixtures


It’s easy to see why homeowners and designers have an appeal for Art Deco and Mid-century Modern styles. Both styles accentuate clean lines and unique designs. However, there is some difference between the two. Art Deco lighting focuses on sharp lines and geometric designs whereas Mid-century modern lighting, you will see more natural shapes that are more aesthetic. Once it was hard to find art-deco and mid-century modern style lighting fixtures, but not anymore!

4). Mixing Metals


Typically, this is a designer no-go. But sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. In this case, breaking the rules turned out to be inspiring and fabulous. In 2018, all metals can work together to create an intentional and thoughtful look within your space. When mixing metals, consider mixing textures as well to create an extravagant atmosphere. For example, mixing polished, matte and hammered together. But be careful and keep in mind while mixing metals may be fun, to do so conservatively to avoid a mismatched look.

5). The “WOW” Factor


For certain areas of the home, designers and re-modelers are falling in love with bigger fixtures. Imagine walking into a home and having a chandelier be your conversation starter. Large fixtures are for focal points, mainly coming in many unique shapes and designs. However, using larger fixtures requires a lot of care. For best results, use your large fixture in a central area where it can create a maximum effect.