2024 Silver Sponsor of the Durango Parade of Homes

2180 is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 2024 Durango Parade of Homes is an annual event showcasing new construction and home design in the Durango, Colorado area. Similar to other Parade of Homes events held across the country, it offers attendees the opportunity to explore a variety of homes, from custom-built luxury estates to more modestly priced residences, all featuring innovative design, craftsmanship, and the latest in home technology.

Typically organized by local home builders associations or similar groups, the Durango Parade of Homes allows builders, architects, designers, and other industry professionals to showcase their work to the public. It’s also a chance for attendees to gather inspiration for their own home projects, whether they’re in the market for a new home, planning a renovation, or simply interested in the latest trends in home design and construction.

During the event, participants can tour the featured homes at their own pace, often guided by maps or brochures provided by the organizers. They can explore each home’s interior and exterior, observing the layout, materials, finishes, and amenities firsthand. Builders and designers are typically present to answer questions and provide insights into their work.

The Durango Parade of Homes is not only a valuable marketing opportunity for builders and designers but also a community event that promotes engagement and collaboration within the local housing industry. It provides a platform for networking, education, and dialogue among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Overall, the Durango Parade of Homes offers a unique and exciting experience for anyone with an interest in home design and construction, whether they’re looking to buy, build, or simply appreciate the artistry and innovation of residential architecture.