Spring Events for 2180 Lighting & Design Studio


April was a very busy month for 2180 Lighting & Design Studio!

Durango’s North Main Event

We joined the North Main Community and other businesses in a community party – with four blocks of games, activities, and food from 26th to 30th street. Live music, chalk art, tortilla making, and more! Participants were encouraged to pick up a passport, participate in each station activity where they would receive a stamp in their passport. Once all the spaces have been stamped the participants turned their passports in return for a Free Gift Bag and a chance to win an Osprey pack.

The turnout was AMAZING. Many Durango locals showed up and thankfully, that Saturday was beautiful outside.

At our activity station, participants had the chance to make your own fairy/blossom lights! We used painted egg cartons, with glitter, of course, and LED battery powered “LED” string lights to thread the egg cartons onto to resemble flower blossoms.



Boys & girls of all ages participated at our activity station! By 3 PM, we ended going through all our fairy lights! It was projected that over 400 people showed up to the North Main Event and we truly hope that we are able to do the event next year!



The end of the event resulted in full bellies, fun to be had by all, a classic good old Durango event, and lots of fairy lights!

Laticrete Product Knowledge

The second event of this month was our Laticrete Open Forum – BBQ style. Hot food, chips & soda! Plus, a good time after work to be had by all, employees included! Our knowledge-filled Laticrete representative came to talk to our tile setters, contractors and DIYers about the products we sell here at 2180!

What is wonderful about these open question forums is that you can ask our rep specific questions that we don’t even know and see live demonstrations of how their products work! As a tile setter, this can be very helpful. Especially when you’ve got that one job that is really bugging you or that one product that just isn’t working right for you.

Topics included Laticrete System Warranties, Hydoban Shower Systems, and their new Strat-Mat in floor Heating! Very comparable to Schluter’s Ditra Heat Matt. There was a live demonstration of Permacolor Select grout for working in small batch methods – something gour tile setters have asked for. This has been the struggle of most tile setters in the area working with Permacolor Select Grout. We will continue to do more Laticrete Product Knowledge Forums in the future.

Spring Open House Tour


Our last event of April was our Spring Open House Tour. We usually are not open on the weekends, so this was a big deal for us and our clients! We provided food, drinks, and snacks as clients and visitors were able to visit our showroom and all the newest trends in lighting, tile, stone and design. Two of our biggest sales were going on that weekend – 25% off of lights with bows & fans which the clients really took advantage of!

Kids were able to play with chalk art and balloons, while parents had the opportunity to get to know the 2180 staff & look at all the new selections available. There were a lot of activities & events that day and we were so thrilled to be a part of the Durango community that weekend.